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Why pick pet sitters in Copenhagen over boarding?

Why choose professional pet sitters in Copenhagen over boarding? | hvorfor-vaelge-pet-sittere-i-københavn?

When you decide to head out of town – or find yourself working more hours than normal – you will want to hire professional pet sitters in Copenhagen to take care of your little furry loved ones. See, dogs and cats can bring so much joy and warmth to your life. And, they deserve the same from you – here’s why.

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    Dogs and cats love routine. 

    It is safe to say that they are truly creatures of habit. Your cat knows where to beckon you when she’s hungry and your dog knows just what to do to get you to join a game of fetch. But, when you aren’t there, who will take care of them?

    Your pets love their home. 

    You likely feel most comfortable in your own home – and so do your pets. Have you seen the living space provided at a getaway cattery or kennel? It’s cold, it’s loud, and it downright smells. If you wouldn’t want to stay there, then your pet shouldn’t have to either.

    Dogs need exercise.

    Dogs have a lot of energy and they are very social beings. Staying isolated in the home with minimal human interaction does not lead to any healthy feelings. Your dog needs to go on long walks. He needs to have his belly rubbed. And, he needs to run and play. All of this makes a dog feel good, both physically and mentally. Can he do all of this while you are gone?

    Just feed the cat, she’ll be ok. 

    Think again. Just because cats tend to be very independent survivors doesn’t mean they don’t require affection and attention. Some cats love to play while others love a good rubdown. Whatever your cat prefers, being left alone will not quench that desire.

    Perhaps you have always contacted your friends and family to care for your animals. Or, maybe your neighbor owes you a favour that you’d like to cash in on. Do you really think that you are getting the best treatment for your dog or cat from these individuals? The answer is likely, no.

    Using professional pet sitters in Copenhagen will give you the confidence that your pet is being cared for – as if you were there yourself.

    You will receive a service that you can rely on. When we say we will be there at a specific time – we will be there. Your dog or cat will be able to rely on the routine.

    Your pet can stay home in his or her comfortable surroundings. Dogs and cats get stressed when their owners leave – this will reduce any additional stress.

    You can rest assured that we will arrive at the specific times discussed to walk your dog. And, when we say walk – we mean walk. We know how important walks are to pups and we make sure they are fully satisfied.

    We will spend time showing affection to your pets, easing their separation anxiety.

    Imposing your pets on your friends, family, or neighbors can create unnecessary friction. Don’t burden them with your fur babies. Instead, leave it to the professionals.

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    If you have anymore questions regarding our services, check out our FAQ, and contact us if you have anymore questions!

    Next time you need someone to assist you with caring for your pets daily or for an extended period of time, contact My Peterinarian, the best professional pet sitters in Copenhagen. The tail wags and purrs you get will let you know that you made the right choice.

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