My Peterinarian team member | medarbejder

Tarek Abu Sham

Born and raised in Jordan, Tarek comes from a multicultural family. He currently lives in Copenhagen after having lived in a number of major cities around the world. Having studied veterinary medicine, Tarek founded MyPeterinarian to provide quality and professional pet care and veterinary services for pets and their parents. His love for animals, big or small, is endless. 

My Peterinarian team member | medarbejder

Caroline Vignes
Veterinarian | copenhagen

Born in France, Caroline moved to Denmark in late 2018 with her family and horse after living in Spain, France, and Australia. As a licensed veterinarian in Denmark, Caroline combines her passion and education in observing and training animals so she can understand them better. She has been in love with animals since childhood and has found that she shares a special bond with them, especially dogs and horses.

My Peterinarian team member | medarbejder

Mihael Dinev

Mihael, originally from Bulgaria, acquired his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) degree from Romania. In late 2019, he moved to Copenhagen and acquired his Danish Veterinary License. During his 6 years of study in Romania, Mihael had the opportunity to acquire besides knowledge, experience. He worked with a wide variety of species including exotics at an animal center specializing in exotic animals. He is very passionate about animal welfare and has previously been a fond owner of a ball python, named Basilisk, which is now in the great care of the exotics center. 

My Peterinarian team member | medarbejder

Nora Löthberg
Pet-sitter | Copenhagen

Nora was born and raised on the Swedish island of Gotland. She moved to Denmark in 2017 to study veterinary medicine at the University of Copenhagen.

She has always had a soft spot and tremendous love for animals. Her interest in their health transcended the typical and led her to the natural choice of seeking a veterinary education so she helps sick pets get back to their health.

My Peterinarian team member | medarbejder

Pernille Jensen
Pet-Sitter | Copenhagen

Pernille was born and raised in the countryside in Jylland where she was always surrounded by animals. Currently she lives in an eco-village in Roskilde where she helps take care of pigs, chicken, rabbits and sheep and also takes care of neighboring dogs and cats. She was in the Danish army from 2012 – 2019, and in 2019 she enrolled in Copenhagen University’s veterinary medicine program. Pernille has always had a passion for animals and shares her life with her dog and cat.

My Peterinarian team member | medarbejder

Erica Olsen
pet-sitter | Copenhagen

Erica has a huge passion for animals of all kinds, which is why she volunteered as an Animal Rescuer in Denmark and did volunteer work with lions in Africa. She loves to travel and tries to bond with the local wildlife wherever she goes. After extensive travels throughout the world during her 4 sabbaticals, she got accepted at the Veterinary Medicine program at the University of Copenhagen in 2018. She lives in Ballerup with her fiancé and their sugar glider, Batman.

Caroline Rasmussen
pet-sitter | Copenhagen

Caroline grew up surrounded by animals and enjoys taking care of her parents’ three dogs and three horses. She also has experience taking care of rabbits, guinea pigs, cats, goats and sheep. She lives in Copenhagen and in 2020 started her veterinary education journey. In the past she has volunteered in a horse stable and an animal rescue center. She is very outgoing, hard-working, reliable and loves spending time with animals.

Cirkeline Olsen
pet-sitter | Copenhagen

Cirkeline was born and raised on a farm in the South of Zealand with lots of siblings, and has always been surrounded by family, nature and animals. Since she was a little girl she has always dreamt of becoming a veterinarian. That’s why she decided to move away from the idyllic countryside and into the big city in pursuit of that big dream. She is now studying veterinary medicine and is on the path to making that dream a reality.

My Peterinarian team member | medarbejder

pet-satisfaction supervisor

Marina, a Persian cat, was born in 2010 in Dubai and continued to live there with her parents until they all started travelling all over the world. The new surroundings gave her the required international experience needed in her job. She adds the pet perspective to the team, making sure that pets always come first and their satisfaction always guaranteed. Her role as pet-satisfaction supervisor is crucial and depends entirely on her own satisfaction of the love and care she receives.


My Peterinarian team member | medarbejder

ashley plourde-staal

Ashley was born and raised in California and later moved to Kentucky, USA. When she was 18 years old, she started her career working with animals at different kennels. She is a certified dog trainer, a veterinary nurse and has 13 years of experience working with different types of animals. Ashley is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in zoology with a minor in fisheries and wildlife sciences. She moved to Aalborg, Denmark in August 2019 and lives with her Danish husband and their two cats.