Agnese Pet Care Taker & Dog Boarder

Pet CareTaker & Dog Boarder | Copenhagen

Agnese “can also be called Agnes” was born in the mountains, in the northern part of Italy. She studied Art and Design and wrote her bachelor thesis in Copenhagen. She loves nature, craft beers and ice-cream. She grew up with cats and her last and most favorite one was a ginger kitty. She would really like to adopt a dog, as she believes it would bring so much happiness into her life. She also fantasizes about taking the dog on her hiking and camping trips. She is thrilled to take care of your pets. 

Ambre Pet Caretaker

Pet Caretaker & Dog Boarder | Copenhagen

Born in France, but Ambre lived in many different countries to experience the cultural differences and the new possibilities each country brings and moved to Copenhagen in September 2021. She loves going out and enjoys the company of people and pets alike. She describes herself as an environmental activist working in the fields of food, agriculture, wildlife and environment. She will also start her masters in an environmental field this September.

Pet CareTaker | Copenhagen

Bolette grew up in Jutland in a veterinary household, with both parents as veterinarians. Since she was a kid, she has been used to having animals around her all the time, including dogs, cats, and rabbits. 
After moving to Copenhagen to start her veterinary education, Bolette has missed the daily contact she used to have with the animals. This is why she is so excited to be part of the MyPeterinarian team and spend time with and care for your pets.

My Peterinarian team member | medarbejder

Dog Boarder | copenhagen

Born in France, Caroline moved to Denmark in late 2018 with her family and horse after living in Spain, France, and Australia. As a licensed veterinarian in Denmark, Caroline combines her passion and education in observing and training animals so she can understand them better. She has been in love with animals since childhood and has found that she shares a special bond with them, especially dogs and horses.


Pet Caretaker & BOARDER | Copenhagen

Catarina, who also goes by Cat, was born on the beautiful Madeira island, off the coast of Portugal. She has a master’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, done in Odense where she lived for 5 years. Later on, she moved to Copenhagen and is already rooted in this beautiful city. She grew up with pet turtles, parakeets, and an amazing dog called Luna. Being around animals brings her instant happiness and she always makes sure to stop and pet them whenever possible. She loves going on bike rides, enjoying time with her friends, reading lots of books, and getting to know her neighbors’ pets. 

Darren Pet Caretaker

Pet CareTaker & Boarder | Copenhagen

Darren was born in Australia and grew up surrounded by wild animals like Emus, parrots and reptiles to domestic animals like cats, pigs and aquarium fish. He’s lived in the Netherlands, Canada, UK, Sweden & the US. In Sweden, he worked in the pet trade & at Gothenburg’s maritime museum – aquarium. Since childhood he volunteered for several organizations to rescue & help wildlife in Brisbane and now as an adult he’s  bred several species of frogs, fishes & tropical birds. His entourage includes a Chartreux Cat named Bruno, 3 tortoises, some birds and several species of amphibians & lizards plus some aquariums.

Dominika Pet Caretaker

Pet CareTaker | Copenhagen

Dominika has been a huge animal lover since childhood. She grew up in a small village in Slovakia, where she had always had animals and used to volunteer to walk dogs in shelters until she moved to Denmark, which made it not possible yet for her to have a pet of her own. She is thrilled to join the MyPeterinarian team as a dog walker and pet caretaker and be able to do what she loves the most, which is to take care of your ‘babies’ like they were her own.

Emil Accounting

Accounting Assistant | Copenhagen

Born and raised in the suburbs of Copenhagen close to furesøen, Emil has always had a passion for animals and nature. Getting his first dog at the age of ten, he instantly got a friend for life. Having lived in British Columbia and seeing how nature and humans can live in synergy, Emil was inspired to further strengthen the bond between humans and animals wherever it is possible. Emil is studying Economics and Business administration at Copenhagen Business School and is very excited to contribute to the growth of the company. 


Pet Boarder

Born and raised in Argentina, Eugenia grew up to study psychology. She moved to Denmark in 2020 and is now continuing her education with a master’s program in Social Entrepreneurship and Management at Roskilde. She enjoys outdoor activities and sports, especially tennis. She’s very passionate about animals and since childhood has always been surrounded by them, which is why in 2019 she decided to become a vegetarian. Animals are what bring Eugenia happiness and help her relax.


Veterinarian, Pet Caretaker & Pet Boarder | copenhagen

Born in Portugal, Francisca graduated as a Veterinarian from Lisbon. Since she was little, she had a great passion for animals, especially for companion animals. She always wanted to experience living abroad, and in late 2019, she moved to Copenhagen and acquired her Danish Veterinary License. She likes to have fun with friends, travel, cook, practice sports, visit family and friends back in Portugal, and of course, be in the company of dogs and cats.

Pet CareTaker & Pet Boarder | Copenhagen

Hannah is a veterinary student & a true animal lover. She grew up in Norway & has had a cat by her side all her life. In her opinion, animals add an extra layer of meaningfulness to life, & she could not imagine life without them. Hannah has experience with petsitting & she has been volunteering in animal shelters. After she moved to Copenhagen to study, she missed having an animal at home, therefore she’s very excited to be part of the team. Hannah loves all animals, but her softest spot is cats – of all sizes & temperaments.

Kinga Veterinarian

Veterinarian & Pet Caretaker | copenhagen

Born and raised in Romania, Kinga was always surrounded by animals, so becoming a veterinarian was only natural to her. After getting her degree, she worked at Seal Rescue Ireland and later on, she moved back to Romania to work at a local animal clinic where she discovered her passion for physiotherapy and cytology. In August 2021 she decided to move to Denmark with the intention to challenge herself, expand her knowledge and skills. She acquired her Danish veterinary license and feels lucky to be part of MyPeterinarian’s professional team and to be able to contribute to it.


My Peterinarian team member | medarbejder

pet-satisfaction supervisor | Copenhagen

Marina, a Persian cat, was born in 2010 in Dubai and continued to live there with her parents until they all started travelling all over the world. The new surroundings gave her the required international experience needed in her job. She adds the pet perspective to the team, making sure that pets always come first and their satisfaction always guaranteed. Her role as pet-satisfaction supervisor is crucial and depends entirely on her own satisfaction of the love and care she receives.

Natalie Pet Caretaker

Pet Caretaker & Dog Boarder | Copenhagen

Born in the UK, Natalie studied Psychology and worked the last ten years in addiction and mental health services. In her spare time she loves to read, walk with her dog, traveling, painting, writing and spending time with her friends. She joined the MyPeterinarian team because her first passion before helping people is helping animals. She’s always had animals in her home – birds, hamsters, cats, dogs (mostly dogs, rescue racing greyhounds in particular), and thinks this is a wonderful opportunity and organization to put all those animal caretaking skills to use!

Natasha Pet Caretaker

Pet Caretaker | Copenhagen

Born in California to two Danish parents, Natasha is a positive and calm-natured person. Natasha enjoys yoga, reading & anything creative. As social as she might be, she also enjoys alone time with herself and going on walks. She moved to Denmark 5 years ago to study Communication & Psychology and is now currently working as a yoga teacher and a pet caretaker in Copenhagen! Animals have always been a part of her household, as she finds that they bring a perfect balance of responsibility, care & pure joy to the everyday.

My Peterinarian team member | medarbejder

Pet CareTaker | Copenhagen

Nora was born and raised on the Swedish island of Gotland. She moved to Denmark in 2017 to study veterinary medicine at the University of Copenhagen.

She has always had a soft spot and tremendous love for animals. Her interest in their health transcended the typical and led her to the natural choice of seeking a veterinary education so she helps sick pets get back to their health.

My Peterinarian team member | medarbejder


Born and raised in Jordan, Tarek comes from a multicultural family. He currently lives in Copenhagen after having lived in a number of major cities around the world. Having studied veterinary medicine, Tarek founded MyPeterinarian to provide quality and professional pet care and veterinary services for pets and their parents. His love for animals, big or small, is endless. 

Valeria Pet Caretaker

Customer Service Rep, Pet Caretaker & Dog Boarder | Copenhagen

Born and Raised in Bulgaria, Valeria grew up on her grandparent’s farm surrounded by all kinds of animals. This is where her love for animals stems from. In her teenage years she volunteered at the local pet shelter where she fostered orphaned kittens and puppies until they found their forever home. She moved to Denmark in 2017 to study and is currently enrolled in a masters program in Social entrepreneurship and management at Roskilde University. Her soulmate and partner in crime is her bulldog Charlie.