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Born and raised in Jordan, Tarek comes from a multicultural family. He currently lives in Copenhagen after having lived in a number of major cities around the world. Having studied veterinary medicine, Tarek founded MyPeterinarian to provide quality and professional pet care and veterinary services for pets and their parents. His love for animals, big or small, is endless. 

Pet CareTaker & Boarder | Copenhagen

Christina, a physiotherapist from Greece, moved to Copenhagen a year ago. She has always been a huge animal lover, and as a lifelong dog enthusiast, she understands the unconditional love and companionship that dogs bring to our lives. Currently, she is learning Danish and taking care of her best friend’s dog from time to time. She hopes to adopt her own dog soon. She is always willing to help out, and she is always looking for ways to make a difference in the world. She is excited to join the team and looks forward to providing your pet with the utmost care and attention as if they were her own.

Operations and HR Coordinator | Copenhagen

Dana is a wonderful blend of Middle Eastern and European heritage, who finds solace in the embrace of nature and the companionship of animals. Her affection for the world’s diverse creatures deepens with each passing year. She’s a friend to every cat, dog, and furry soul she encounters and is a devoted
advocate for strays, raising awareness about their beautiful souls in diverse communities. A yoga enthusiast, former project manager, and perpetual learner, Dana’s mission is to serve pets and their parents in the most heartfelt and dedicated way possible.

Dominika Pet Caretaker

Pet CareTaker | Copenhagen

Dominika has been a huge animal lover since childhood. She grew up in a small village in Slovakia, where she had always had animals and used to volunteer to walk dogs in shelters until she moved to Denmark, which made it not possible yet for her to have a pet of her own. She is thrilled to join the MyPeterinarian team as a dog walker and pet caretaker and be able to do what she loves the most, which is to take care of your ‘babies’ like they were her own.

Pet Boarder | Copenhagen

Eve is a Singaporean who moved to Denmark in February 2022 with her mini poodle Emma. She is a news junkie who works from home as an editor and enjoys climbing, keeping things clean, and doing puzzles (crosswords, sudoku, jigsaw). She speaks English and Mandarin and is learning Danish so she can order a kardamommesnurre at the bakery. She and her husband David love taking Emma to Charlottenlund beach, where Emma can meet doggy friends and have zoomies. Eve has also been dog sitting since moving to Denmark and takes pride in being very cautious and alert when caring for dogs. Sometimes, people mix up her name and Emma’s.

Dr. Irene

Dr. Irene
Veterinaran | Copenhagen

Irene holds a strong passion for internal medicine, with a primary focus on gastrointestinal disorders, kidney and urinary tract disorders. Her professional journey has spanned across Spain, her country of origin, and the United Kingdom, enriching her with extensive experience in catering to diverse international pet owners. Her unyielding commitment to excellence is evident through her consistent pursuit of advanced learning opportunities and continuous skills enhancement throughout her career.

Pet Caretaker & Boarder | Copenhagen

Born and raised in Copenhagen, Kim is delighted to make your acquaintance! Since the age of 18, he has harbored a dream of establishing an animal shelter, providing refuge to animals in need, both locally and internationally, and ultimately connecting them with loving families in Denmark. He is excited to be a part of the MyPeterinarian team as with this experience – his dream is now a reality!

Pet Groomer & Veterinary Assistant | Copenhagen

Matylda was born and raised in Poland, having earned a degree in animal science and becoming a certified veterinary technician. With a background encompassing three years of volunteer work and two years as a zookeeper in a zoo, as well as three years serving as a veterinary technician in a large 24/7 veterinary clinic, Matylda gained expertise in working with both wild exotic animals and domestic pets. Having recently relocated to Denmark, Matylda is currently in the process of learning Danish. At MyPeterinarian, you can rest assured that your pets are entrusted to Matylda’s capable hands.

My Peterinarian team member | medarbejder

pet-satisfaction supervisor | Copenhagen

Marina, a Persian cat, was born in 2010 in Dubai and continued to live there with her parents until they all started travelling all over the world. The new surroundings gave her the required international experience needed in her job. She adds the pet perspective to the team, making sure that pets always come first and their satisfaction always guaranteed. Her role as pet-satisfaction supervisor is crucial and depends entirely on her own satisfaction of the love and care she receives.

My Peterinarian team member | medarbejder

Pet CareTaker | Copenhagen

Nora was born and raised on the Swedish island of Gotland. She moved to Denmark in 2017 to study veterinary medicine at the University of Copenhagen.

She has always had a soft spot and tremendous love for animals. Her interest in their health transcended the typical and led her to the natural choice of seeking a veterinary education so she helps sick pets get back to their health.

Pet CareTaker | Copenhagen

Vicky, originally hailing from Iceland and presently calling Norrebro home. She relocated to Copenhagen following the completion of her master’s degree in Lund, Sweden. With an unwavering passion for animal care, Vicky has been fortunate to have canine companions throughout most of her life. Her profound affection for animals motivates her to dedicate quality time to their care and well-being. Vicky derives immense joy from leisurely strolls and invigorating runs, particularly when she has the delightful company of dogs.