Travelling With Pets

travelling with pets

Travelling with our pets is something we all dream of doing, but rules and regulations for animal transport can be daunting and difficult to understand, often preventing us from taking our furry family members along on trips.   Travel providers often place several restrictions on pet travel and animal transport in general, including the type […]

Giardia in Pets


If your dog or cat develops diarrhoea, you’re probably wondering what is going on. It’s definitely time to call your vet. If your pet spends time with you outdoors, your veterinarian might suggest testing for Giardia, but what is this odd-sounding infection?   What Is Giardia? Okay, you’re here because someone mentioned Giardia in your vet’s […]

Canine Parainfluenza


What is Canine Parainfluenza?  Canine parainfluenza is a virus that can contribute to respiratory infections, often lumped together as kennel cough. A more technical term for the condition is infectious tracheobronchitis. Dogs may develop the illness from different viruses or bacteria, including Bordetella.  The most common symptom of canine parainfluenza is coughing. Affected dogs may […]

Canine Infectious Hepatitis


Canine infectious hepatitis is generally caused by canine adenovirus type I, closely related to canine adenovirus type II. While hepatitis generally refers to inflammation of the liver, infectious hepatitis may also affect other body systems. This includes your dog’s blood vessels, kidneys, lungs, and eyes, in addition to the liver. Spreading Your dog can become […]

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