Pets and the Pandemic: Surviving the Coronavirus

The Pandemic and our pets in times of coronavirus crisis The Pet-agrees

Pets and the Pandemic: Surviving the Coronavirus Crisis Together People around the world are living with the fear of the coronavirus. Also referred to as COVID-19, this virus has proven deadly in a portion of the population. Many people find themselves in quarantine in this pandemic. During this unprecedented time, pet owners around the world […]

Pet Loss – How to Cope with Pet Grief

Pet loss is the worst possible thing to deal with as pet parent. Coping with losing your pet is hard. Read this article about grieving for your pet from My Peterinarian. | At miste dit kæledyr er noget af det allerværste en kæledyrsejer kan opleve. At overkomme sorgen efter dit kæledyr er død er ufatteligt hårdt. Læs denne artikel fra My Peterinarian om hvordan du kan komme videre efter tabet af dit kæledyr.

Pet Loss – How to Cope with Losing Your Pet Pet loss is devastating. Pets are there for us through thick and thin, and it can be difficult to imagine life without them. When you’ve had to say goodbye to your loving companion, there’s no easy way to move forward and everyone grieves differently.   […]

Pet Food – Healthy Nutritional Pet Care Advice

Pet Food My Peterinarian nutrition healthy | Dyrefoder Gode råd fra The Pet-agrees kæledyrspasning

Pet Food Pet food is a world for itself. Walk into any pet store, and you’ll be inundated with dozens of different types of pet food. Within one brand, you will find different flavours, kibble sizes, age recommendations, lifestyle recommendations, and more. Absent your veterinarian’s advice, it can be a bit overwhelming to determine exactly […]

Dog Exercise & What No Exercise means

Hundetræning My Peterinarian kæledyrspasning københavn aalborg

Exercising with Your Dog and What Happens When You Don’t Dog exercise. One of the most important things you can give your dog is your time. Exercise is just as important for your dog’s health as it is for yours, and not getting any can cause problems. How much exercise your dog needs varies from […]

Pet Vaccine – Why You Should Vaccinate Your Pet

et Vaccine Designed by Freepik My Peterinarian copenhagen | Vaccinere dit kæledyr Designed by Freepik My Peterinarian

Pet Vaccine – Why You Should Vaccinate Your Pet Vaccines are in the news and social media constantly, as some people, often dubbed anti-vaxxers, choose not to vaccinate their children or pets. Regardless of the circumstances, vaccines are essential to protect your dogs and cats against potentially deadly bacterial and viral infections. Vaccines are not […]

Pet Christmas – Ensuring Pets a Merry Christmas

Pet Christmas My Peterinarian

How to Ensure Your Pets Have a Merry Christmas When the pet Christmas holidays roll around, it’s an exciting time for everyone, and our pets are no exception. There are new sights and smells, lights and often even a Christmas tree going up. You might bring home plants such as poinsettias and hang boughs of […]

Why Do Cats and Dogs Eat Grass?

cats and dogs eat grass

You’ve probably seen it happen more than once. Your furry family member goes outside, and it immediately starts to gobble down grass. More often than not, that triggers a reflex, and they promptly vomit, either outside or on your freshly cleaned carpets. Why do our pets eat grass, when it clearly isn’t something they should […]

Why is my Cat Vomiting

Cat vomiting | Opkast hos katte

If you have a cat, you’ve undoubtedly experienced your cat vomiting, often a hairball that he cannot digest. If your cat is vomiting regularly, it’s definitely something you should mention to your veterinarian. You’re probably wondering how often vomiting might be normal and what causes your kitty to vomit. Here are key things to know: […]

How to Socialize Your Cat

Socialisering af katte er vigtigt for deres mentale sundhed The af My Peterinarain i Københaven og Aalborg

Socialize your cat early and you’ll thank yourself later. Socialization exposes cats to people, animals, and other cats around your home. A cat that hasn’t been properly socialized may become timid, aggressive, or display problematic behaviours like scratching furniture. Socialization promotes an affectionate, loving, well-behaved feline friend, young or old.   Socializing a kitten The […]

How to Socialize Your Dog

How to socialize your dog | Sådan Socialisere Du Din Hund

Socializing dogs through different stages of life from puppyhood, adolescence to adulthood is the best way to ensure they become confident and friendly. It also helps them to thrive and adapt to new environments. Here are different ways to socialize your dogs at various stages of their lives.   Socializing puppies For dogs, the learning […]

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