Canine Distemper


Canine Distemper When you bring your dog to the veterinarian, one of the preventative care measures generally recommended is a vaccination against a complex of viruses. That includes the canine distemper virus. Many veterinary hospitals around the world utilize a vaccine that also protects against canine parvovirus: Another similarly dangerous viral infection which we mentioned […]

Feline Panleukopenia


Feline Panleukopenia Feline panleukopenia [ pan-loo-kuh-pee-nee-uh ] is often referred to by other names, such as feline distemper. Historically, it was associated with high fatality rates in kittens. However, the widespread use of vaccinations in many areas of the world has greatly decreased its incidence. What is Feline Panleukopenia? Feline panleukopenia is caused by a […]


resting dog

Parvovirus When you have a puppy, it’s very important to protect it with immunizations. While you are probably familiar with the rabies vaccine, there is one that’s just as important: the parvovirus vaccine. This one is usually given in combination with protection against distemper.  What is Parvovirus?  Parvovirus is a virus that is typically thought […]

A letter from the Founder | Pet Care Service Provider

Din kæledyrsekspert i København og Aalborg er The Pet-agrees eller nu MyPeterinarian

A letter from the Founder | Pet Care Service Provider In 2017, I moved to Denmark with my spouse and our long-haired Persian cat, Marina. I fell head over heels with the country and culture and I felt so lucky to be living in Copenhagen. Shortly after settling into our new Danish life of ‘smørrebrød’ […]

Cat & Dog in Hot Weather – Keeping Your Pets Cool

Dog in hot weather My Peterinarian Copenhagen | Hunde i sommervarmen skal drikke masser af vand My Peterinarian København

Pets and Hot Weather Pets, your cat or your dog in hot weather. When the weather temperatures increase, we typically want to spend more time outside. This is a great time to have some fun with your furry family members. Unfortunately, the heat can be a danger for them, leading to health issues such as […]

Pet Teeth Brushing: and Why is it so Important?

Brushing your pet's teeth dog cat My Peterinarian Copenhagen | Tandbørstning er vigtigt for hunde og katte

The Importance of Brushing Your Pet’s Teeth Pet teeth. We know dental health is important for people, but did you know it is important for pet health, too? Dental disease is one of the most common diseases affecting dogs and cats, and it can result in significant health issues. Brushing your pets’ teeth is the […]

New Pet Brought Home: Expectations and Knowledge

New Pet My Peterinarian | Nyt Kæledyr My Peterinarian Kæledyrspasning

Bringing a New Pet Home: What You Should Expect and Know New pet brought home. Many people are bringing home new pets these days, and that’s great! When you adopt a pet, there are some steps you need to take, especially if the pet has already been rehomed previously. It doesn’t mean there is anything […]

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