Professional pet care and veterinary services

In 2017, our founder Tarek Abu Sham moved to Denmark and was immediately captivated by the country’s beauty, high standard of living, and exceptional quality of life. As a trained veterinarian, animal lover, and pet owner, he was surprised by Copenhagen’s limited availability of pet care services. Tarek had to take his shy cat to a cattery 45 minutes outside the city, which was too stressful for her and not feasible for him. This experience inspired him to start pet-sitting for friends and acquaintances in June 2017, and as his customer base rapidly grew, he decided to offer professional pet care services through his company, The Pet-agrees, now known as MyPeterinarian.

“I want to provide an easy and stress-free pet care solution for pet owners who can’t do it themselves. I was in this stressful situation multiple times before, and even while on vacation, I was always wondering how my cat was doing and coping with the stressful environment she was forced into. I know how stressful it can be to leave one’s pet in someone else’s care,” says Tarek.

MyPeterinarian has since evolved and expanded its services to offer in-home veterinary services starting in January 2021. These services include annual health checkups, vaccinations, veterinary consultations, sample collection for laboratory tests, diet consultations, and more. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive and stress-free experience for both pets and their owners.


My Peterinarian’s vision is a world where professional pet care and veterinary services are convenient, accessible, and hassle-free. Our Mission is to provide the best quality, professional and stress-free pet care available at the pet owner’s home or at our pet quarters (your pet’s second home).