Professional pet care services by veterinarians

In March 2017, our founder Tarek Abu Sham who had just moved to Denmark was instantly struck with the beauty of the country and its high standard of living and quality of life. But as a trained vet and animal lover, he was surprised with the lack of available pet care services and so decided to change that to a more convenient reality. The journey began in June 2017 when Tarek started pet-sitting for friends and acquaintances. As his customer-base grew fast, he decided to offer professional pet care services by veterinarians in Copenhagen and the surrounding area through his company The Pet-agrees.“I want to provide an easy and stress-free way to care for your pets when you can’t.” – Tarek, founderThe Pet-agrees, which is now called My Peterinarian, extended its services to Aalborg in 2020 offering professional pet care, including cat sitting, dog sitting, dog walking, and dog boarding among other professional pet care and veterinary services to a range of other pets.


My Peterinarian’s vision is a world where professional pet care and veterinary services are convenient, accessible, and hassle-free.Our Mission is to provide the best quality professional pet care available.