Terms and Conditions


1- These Terms

These terms and conditions will apply at any time when you access and use our Services, the Website, and all Content as a registered user of our Services, and by continuing to use our Services and Website you accept these terms and conditions as amended from time to time (“Terms”). They constitute a binding legal agreement between you and us in that respect.

We may amend these terms and conditions at any time, for any reason, and without prior notice.

The Pet Owner(s) use of the services provided by MyPeterinarian (and its sitters/carers) will be deemed acceptance of the following terms and conditions.

2- MyPeterinarian

MyPeterinarian  (“us”, “we” or “MyPeterinarian ”) provides professional pet care & veterinary services to cats, dogs, and a variety of other pets.

MyPeterinarian  is registered in Denmark with CVR number: 39029804

Address: Peder Hvitfeldts Stræde 16, 1173 København, Denmark

You can email us at: info@mypeterinarian.com

3- Definitions

Agreement – means the agreement between us and the “Pet Owner” to our Services and includes at all times these Terms.

Booking – means the Pet Owner pays the Booking Fee for our Services. We reserve the right to change from time to time the manner in which Bookings are made. A Booking is not covered by any scheme of financial protection and you should ensure that you have adequate insurance cover.

Booking Dates – means the dates of services that are requested by the Pet Owner.

Booking Fee – means the applicable fees for our services.

Content – means collectively all information content on or made available through our Services, including but not limited to text, graphics, images, music, software, audio, video, information, documents, compilations, data, or other materials posted by means of our Services, whether by us or you or any other User.

Pet(s) – means any domesticated animal(s) that can legally be owned in Denmark.

Pet Owner – means the owner of a Pet who seeks to use our Services through our Website.

Pet services – means pet-sitting or visits, dog walking, and overnight stays that take place at the pet owner’s home. Pet boarding meanwhile takes place at one of our team members’ homes.

Website – means the entirety of www.mypeterinarian.com website and any related mobile or other applications.

You – unless the context otherwise provides, means a Pet Owner and User of the Website.

4- Obligations

a) Pet Care Providers

MyPeterinarian’s sitters and carers provide

services in accordance with applicable legislation and rules and as agreed with

the Pet Owner.

We ensure that pets are adequately supplied with food and water and receive

suitable exercise and are monitored and visited at appropriate agreed-upon


We ensure that pets are kept in suitable accommodation in terms of size,

temperature, cleanliness, ventilation, and lighting.

We ensure taking precautions to protect pets in the event of an emergency, including fire.

We ensure taking steps to prevent and control the spread of contagious or infectious diseases among pets in our care, including where necessary the provision of adequate isolation facilities.

We will keep a register containing a description of any pets received into our care during boarding, date of arrival and departure, and the name and address of the owner.

We will take every precaution to ensure your pet(s) are happy and safe. However, we will not accept responsibility for canine influenza, injuries, illness, or death of your pet(s) from any cause. As “Job Sharing” is not covered under our insurance we cannot be responsible for your pet(s) or home or property if another service provider (not employed by MyPeterinarian), friend of the Pet Owner(s), family member or other person enters your property or home while we are not there.

MyPeterinarian and its sitters/carers cannot be responsible for any complications pets may suffer or the actions of pets while they are unattended.

b) Pet Owners

Pet Owner(s) will be required to complete a Service Contract prior to commencement of care. If the Pet Owner(s) have not completed a Service Contract when the commencement of care has started, the Pet Owner(s) agree by default to all Terms and Conditions of Business as stipulated on this page.

The Pet Owner(s) accepts all responsibility for their pet(s) actions and shall reimburse MyPeterinarian for all services rendered and/or for all required medical treatment and/or for any injury or damage caused by their pet(s) to other dogs, animals, sitters/carers or property.

In the event that it is necessary for MyPeterinarian or its sitters/carers to seek veterinary assistance where a Veterinary Release has not been completed as part of the Service Contract, then the Pet Owner(s) agree that the cost of any procedure undertaken as a result will be their full and financial responsibility. All attempts will be made to contact the Pet Owner(s) or their other Nominated Person(s).

If your pet(s) are not feeling well (for example, diarrhea, vomiting, lethargic, etc.) and/or in pain while in the care of MyPeterinarian’s sitter/carer, MyPeterinarian will take your pet(s) to your nominated Veterinary Clinic subject to us being able to get an appointment quickly or to the nearest Emergency Veterinary Clinic. A vet transportation fee of 130 DKK will be charged. All attempts will be made to contact the Pet Owner(s) or your other Nominated Person(s).

MyPeterinarian and its sitters/carers do not diagnose, or make therapy decisions unless a veterinary service was booked by one of our selected veterinarians. Any veterinary/medical concerns will be referred to a specific veterinarian.

MyPeterinarian reserves the right to refuse any contracts of service without giving a reason.

Your pet(s) must have a current Vaccination Certificate (where applicable) and your nominated Veterinary Clinic must have a copy on file as well as yourself to be shown as proof upon request by MyPeterinarian.

MyPeterinarian must be advised of any medications and dosages that your pet(s) are taking.

MyPeterinarian must be supplied with a feeding and medicine schedule for your pet(s).

All dog(s) and cat(s) must be on an approved veterinarian flea, tick, and worm control treatment. To keep your pet(s) up to date, extra doses must be supplied for the duration of care required. The cost of any extra supplies of approved veterinarian flea, tick, and worm control treatment undertaken will be the Pet Owner(s) full financial responsibility.

MyPeterinarian reserves the right to decline any booking if there is any sign that your pet(s) have aggressive, threatening behavior that will put the sitter/carer at risk of injury.

All dog(s) should be registered with the Danish Dog Register for the protection of your dog(s). MyPeterinarian prefers your dog(s) and/or cat(s) to have a microchip and to wear a collar with your contact details.

5- Registration of our services

a) Creating your Account

To create an account, you must select a username and password. Make sure to select a unique username that is not used by someone else and is decent and non-offensive including a password. Make sure to provide correct information during the registration process. MyPeterinarian reserves the right at its sole discretion to refuse to allow a user to open an account for any reason, or to limit the number of accounts a User can create. If you forget your password, you can request to have a new password sent to your registered email address. Your account is at risk if you let someone use it inappropriately and your account is subject to termination if you or anyone using your account violates these Terms. If your account is terminated, you may not join MyPeterinarian without our express permission.

b) Booking

Subject to the confirmation of the Booking by MyPeterinarian, the booking is complete and forms the Agreement between MyPeterinarian and the Pet Owner when we receive the payment of the Booking Fee for our Services. MyPeterinarian will then send a confirmation email of the Booking. That email will provide a link to the Pet Care Provider’s contact details.

For boarding and overnight stays, the service hours generally start between 5-7 pm and end between the same hours the following day. This however can vary upon agreement between the dog owner and MyPeterinarian’s service provider to cover morning hours. Drop-off and pick-up times have to be directly agreed to with the dog owner. If the agreed to pick up time is not met and is exceeded due to the dog owner’s mistake, then an additional day’s fee will be charged. This will automatically be covered by the booking’s late charge deposit fee. If the timing is met then the pet owner will get back the late charge fee deposit.

c) Multiple Booking Package Policy

At MyPeterinarian, we offer package deals for clients purchasing multiple bookings. It is essential to note that the validity of these packages is six months from the start date. In cases where the start date is not explicitly defined, the validity period commences from the purchase date.
Clients are encouraged to utilize their package bookings within this six-month timeframe to ensure optimal benefit from the services offered. Any unused bookings after the expiration of the validity period will be forfeited.

6- Separate Walks for Multiple Dogs Policy:

a) Standard Services:

Our standard services include walks that cater to the overall well-being of all dogs under our care.

b) Additional Fees for Separate Walks:

If a client has two or more dogs and requests separate walks for each dog, an additional fee will apply to cover the extra time and effort required by our caretakers.

c) Transparent Communication:

We encourage clients to communicate their preferences regarding pet care services, including any specific requests for individual walks for each dog.

d) Fee Structure:

The additional fee for separate walks will be communicated to the client in advance, ensuring transparency in our pricing structure.

e) Options for Clients:

Clients have the option to choose between our standard services, which include walks for all dogs together or opt for separate walks by paying the additional fee.

f) Booking Confirmation:

Separate walks for multiple dogs will be confirmed upon agreement with the client and payment of the additional fee.

Distance Fee Policy:

a) Service Zones:

Our standard service zones are classified as Zones 1 – 3, encompassing specific geographical areas.

b) Addresses Outside Zones 1 – 3

For addresses located outside Zones 1 – 3, clients will be subject to a Distance Fee.

c) Distance Fee Amount:

The Distance Fee will be determined based on the distance from our designated service zones. The exact amount will be communicated to the client upon consultation.

d) Manual Invoicing:

The Distance Fee will not be automatically added during the online booking process. Instead, clients with addresses outside Zones 1 – 3 will receive a separate invoice for the Distance Fee after their booking is confirmed.

e) Payment Deadline:

Clients are expected to settle the Distance Fee within a specified timeframe, as indicated in the invoice.

f) Service Confirmation:

The booking will be confirmed upon settlement of the Distance Fee. Failure to pay the Distance Fee may result in the cancellation of the booking.

We understand that this policy may introduce additional steps in the booking process, and we appreciate your understanding as we strive to maintain the quality and efficiency of our services.

8- Cancellation & Last Minute Changes:

For changes made with less than 24 hours’ notice, a fee of 150 DKK will be applied.

The Pet Owner must notify MyPeterinarian of any cancellation by email at hej@mypeterinarian.com to the order at least 48 hours in advance if the Pet Owner wishes to be credited back for the cancellation.

MyPeterinarian’s strict 24-hour cancellation policy is required as a courtesy to our pet care providers who rely on the income of their pre-set work schedules to make a living.

MyPeterinarian recommends that Pet Owners maintain their dog(s) regular walk schedule with minimal scheduling changes to avoid causing our Pet Care Providers to lose valuable work hours, reduce turnover rate, and result in a regular, consistent dog walker along with a happier dog that’s used to their daily routine.

Cancellation fees will be as follows:

– 48 hours notice for cancellation: 50% will be refunded as a gift card.

– 24 hours or less notice for cancellation: NO REFUND GIVEN TO CLIENT.

– During holidays no refunds and no credits.

All fees are payable upon booking between MyPeterinarian and the Pet Owner(s). Where payment is not received per these terms and conditions of business, MyPeterinarian reserves the right to not proceed with any previously agreed arrangements.

In the event of additional unforeseen costs (such as food, supplies, or vet fees), payment is expected within 7 business days of receipt of the invoice and/or the completion of services, or a late charge of 150 DKK will be applied.

All MyPeterinarian’s charges (fees, public holiday surcharges, etc.) will be discussed with the Pet Owner in full at the time of initial inquiry. The Pet Owner will be deemed to have accepted the fees of MyPeterinarian’s service(s) upon confirmation of booking.

Pet Owners are recommended to book as far in advance as possible to enable MyPeterinarian to secure the booking. This is especially true for School Holidays, Public Holidays, the month of December specifically Christmas Eve (24 December), Christmas Day (25 December), Second Christmas Day (26 December), New Year’s Eve (31 December) and New Year’s Day (1 January).

Please advise us of any changes to plans as soon as possible. If we do not hear from the Pet Owner – MyPeterinarian will continue to make visits. All additional visits made (even if MyPeterinarian arrives to find the Pet Owner’s home) will be charged and invoiced to the Pet Owner. Payment is expected to be paid before the start of the service and no later than ten days of the service or a late charge of 150 DKK will be applied.

9- No-Show Fee for Veterinary and Grooming Services
If the Pet Owner fails to show up for a scheduled veterinary or grooming service appointment without providing at least 48 hours notice of cancellation, a fee of 455 DKK will be added to the outstanding amount. This fee is necessary to compensate our veterinary and grooming staff for their time and resources allocated for the appointment.
10- Beyond 24-Hour Extension Policy
At MyPeterinarian, we strive to provide efficient and reliable services to all our clients, ensuring the well-being of their beloved pets. In line with this commitment, we have implemented a 24-hour extension policy to facilitate smooth operations and maintain the highest standards of service.

a) Policy Overview:

  • Extension Charges: If a client extends their booking beyond the agreed-upon duration by even an hour, they will be charged for an additional night based on the service booked.
  • Application: This policy applies to the following MyPeterinarian services: pet boarding and overnight stays.
  • Billing: The additional charges incurred due to the extension will be reflected in the client’s invoice and are payable upon completion of the extended period.
  • Communication: Clients are encouraged to communicate any potential extension needs in advance to ensure availability and avoid inconvenience.
  • Flexibility: While we understand that unexpected circumstances may arise, our policy is designed to maintain fairness and accountability in managing bookings and resources.

b) Client Notification:
Clients will be informed of this policy during the booking process and provided with clear guidelines regarding extension procedures and associated charges. Our team is available to address any questions or concerns regarding the policy to ensure a transparent and seamless experience for all.

11- Refunds:

a) Refunds for services or purchases made through MyPeterinarian will be issued solely in the form of MyPeterinarian gift cards.

b) This policy applies to all refundable transactions, including but not limited to canceled services, returned products, or instances where a refund is deemed appropriate.

c) The gift card will be issued for the equivalent amount of the original purchase and can be used for any MyPeterinarian products or services.

d) No cash refunds will be provided under any circumstances.

e) MyPeterinarian reserves the right to interpret, modify, or terminate this)refund policy at its discretion.

12- Liability

The Pet Owner(s) upon booking with MyPeterinarian accepts and agrees to the following terms of liability:

– Pet Owners agree to MyPeterinarian’s engaging of the services of Independent Contractors (also known as Sub Contractors) when required. The Pet Owner(s) will be notified when such a situation arises and the services of an Independent Contractor have been contracted. For instance, in the event of a personal emergency or illness of MyPeterinarian’s sitter/carer, the Pet Owner(s) agrees to MyPeterinarian’s arrangement of finding another qualified sitter/carer (who will operate as an Independent Contractor/Sub Contractor) to fulfill responsibilities as set forth in the contract of service between the Pet Owner(s) and MyPeterinarian.

Independent Contractors are not employees or staff. The Independent Contractor is totally responsible for providing their own public liability insurance, professional indemnity, police certificate, and other certifications/qualifications to adequately cover any liability that the contractor may incur.

MyPeterinarian accepts no responsibility or liability for any action of a Contractor in the performance of the Contract with MyPeterinarian and the Pet Owner(s). Any injury to the pet(s) or damage to property caused by a Contractor is a legal matter between the Pet Owner(s) and the Contractor.

– The Pet Owner grants MyPeterinarian employee (“Photographer”), the irrevocable right and permission to take photographs of the pet(s) (the *Property*) for commercial use as per the following:

(a) the right to use reuse and publish, in any manner at all, said photographs, in whole or in part, modified or altered, either by themselves or in conjunction with other photographs, in any medium or form of distribution, and for any purposes whatsoever, including, without limitation, all promotional and advertising uses, non-commercial or commercial display, broadcast, exhibition of the final production, and other trade purposes, as well as using the Pet Owner’s name in connection therewith, if he/she so desires; and

(b) the right to copyright said photographs in MyPeterinarian’s name or in any other name the photographer may select.

The Pet Owner waives the right to inspect or approve the finished product or copy and any use thereof.

The Pet Owner agrees that the photographs, reproductions, and negatives thereof shall constitute the photographer’s sole property and that the photographer has the full right to dispose of any or all of them in any manner whatsoever.

The Pet Owner hereby forever releases and discharges Photographer and his/her respective representatives, licensees, successors, and assigns, specifically MyPeterinarian and its clients, from any and all claims, actions, and demands arising out of or in connection with the use of said photographs, including, without limitation, any and all claims for invasion of privacy and libel.

The Pet Owner(s) authorizes the “signed” Service Contract or any verbal agreement of service to be valid approval for future services for any purpose provided by the Service Contract permitting MyPeterinarian’s sitter/carer (and MyPeterinarian) to accept phone or email reservations for service and to enter premises without additional signed contracts or written authorization.

13- Cleanliness and Accidents

To ensure a clean and hygienic environment, we kindly request that if your pet has difficulty using the designated potty area (whether outdoors or in its litter box) and has accidents on carpets or furniture, please provide us with a pre-warning.
Additionally, please supply us with the necessary tools you use to address and prevent accidents on carpets and furniture, such as diapers, diaper pads, or any other appropriate items. Failure to provide this information and necessary supplies may result in additional cleaning charges, as well as the cost of purchasing the required items, which will be added to your total bill. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a clean and comfortable space for all.