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Why is my Cat Vomiting

Cat vomiting | Opkast hos katte

If you have a cat, you’ve undoubtedly experienced your cat vomiting, often a hairball that he cannot digest. If your cat is vomiting regularly, it’s definitely something you should mention to your veterinarian. You’re probably wondering how often vomiting might be normal and what causes your kitty to vomit. Here are key things to know: […]

How to Socialize Your Cat

Socialisering af katte er vigtigt for deres mentale sundhed The af My Peterinarain i Københaven og Aalborg

Socialize your cat early and you’ll thank yourself later. Socialization exposes cats to people, animals, and other cats around your home. A cat that hasn’t been properly socialized may become timid, aggressive, or display problematic behaviours like scratching furniture. Socialization promotes an affectionate, loving, well-behaved feline friend, young or old.   Socializing a kitten The […]

How to Socialize Your Dog

How to socialize your dog | Sådan Socialisere Du Din Hund

Socializing dogs through different stages of life from puppyhood, adolescence to adulthood is the best way to ensure they become confident and friendly. It also helps them to thrive and adapt to new environments. Here are different ways to socialize your dogs at various stages of their lives.   Socializing puppies For dogs, the learning […]

How to Catify Your Home

Catify your home | Katte venlig

Those of us who are cat lovers know that cats are curious creatures. Your cat may have shredded the sofa, knocked over your favourite knick-knacks, marked its territory on a carpet, or started a never-ending game of hide and seek that tries your patience. Creating a feline-friendly environment with your cat’s natural inclinations to scratch, […]

Kennel Cough

Kennel cough | Kennelhoste

Just like you, your pet may catch an occasional cold, caused by any number of different pathogens and the most common being the bacterium Bordetella bronchiseptica. Kennel Cough, not uncommon among dogs or cats, is a contagious respiratory disease, which, like the common cold, will usually go away on its own without treatment. Contracting the […]

Communicating with Your Cat

Communicating with your cat | katte kommunikation

The ancient Egyptians worshipped them, but you still can’t figure out why they sleep all day, destroy your furniture, and appear to want nothing to do with you like a moody teenager. Cats. They are curious creatures and their relationship with humans can sometimes be puzzling. While science doesn’t have all the answers to explain […]

Parasites & Your Pet

Parasites and your pet | Parasitter og din hund

When it comes to protecting your pets against parasites, prevention is the best cure. As a pet owner, understanding the reasons for using parasite prevention and choosing the right products can be overwhelming. However, devising an appropriate parasite treatment plan is essential to avoid harmful, preventable diseases.   What Are the Most Common Parasites (And […]

New Year’s Resolution- Brush Your Pet’s Teeth!

Brush Your Pet’s Teeth! | hunde tandbørstning

Brush Your Pet’s Teeth! On this first month of 2019, make your pet’s health a priority for the coming year. Brushing your pet’s teeth leads to improved health and happiness. Dental disease is a common condition affecting pets, with more than 75 % of dogs and cats showing signs of periodontal disease by age three. […]

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