Is It Time to Say Goodbye?

It’s never easy making the decision to say goodbye to your pet. Always remember to keep your pet’s best interests in mind. When health issues present long-term pain, anxiety, and significant challenges to your pet’s quality of life, it’s time to have that courageous conversation with your loved ones and veterinarian about next steps.

At MyPeterinarian, we know that this can be one of the most heart-wrenching processes you will  ever experience, and we’re here to help you along the way. Keeping a simple journal of how your pet is doing day to day can often help us understand the complete picture in addition to any examination or prognosis we provide.


Putting your Pet to sleep

When the time is right to say goodbye to your pet, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Who should participate – the whole family or only a single family member?
  • Should the animal be buried at home or cremated?
  • If the animal is to be cremated, is it going to be an urn cremation or a joint cremation?
  • What type of urn would be appropriate?
  • Are there any momentos or jewelry you would like?

If you’d like to put your pet to sleep at home, the appointment must be booked a few days in advance. Make sure everyone in the family has a chance to say goodbye to your pet beforehand. You then should decide where and when you’d like to bury your pet. 

If you choose cremation, we will transport your pet to the crematorium and return your pet in an urn. If you would like your pet to be cremated with other pets, then our trusted crematorium partner will handle the ashes in a dignified, natural and ecological manner.

The Procedure

One of our veterinarians will come to your home with supplies and medication required for euthansia. You will have an opportunity to ask questions if anything about the process is unclear. When you are comfortable moving forward, your pet will receive an initial anesthetic injection. When you are ready, we will administer a sedative to your pet. Once that sedative takes effect and your pet is sleeping peacefully, we will administer a final injection that will stop the heart and breathing. 

Sometimes the initial sedative can stiny a little and some pets may react. Soon after (approximately 5-10 minutes), the sedative will take effect. Your pet will then be sleeping peacefully. At that time, if you wish, you can leave the room if you prefer not to observe the whole euthanasia process.  The last injection contains a strong sedative. Dogs often receive this injection directly into the blood vessel in the foreleg, and it may be necessary to shave a small area on the foreleg for this part. In cats, they receive the injection either in the front leg, in the liver or in the heart. A short amount of time will pass as the sedative works itself through your pet’s bloodstream. Your pet may take some very deep breaths, even after the heart has stopped beating; these are normal reflexes. Dont worry, your pet will not notice or feel anything and will not wake up. Muscle tremors can also occur. We will examine your pet carefully before we call the time of death.

Service Price
3999 DKK

Once your Pet has passed

If you’d like to see your pet one last time for a final goodbye, we will give you the time and space to do so.  The period that follows will undoubtedly be difficult and it is very normal to feel sad and emotional. There are routines that are no longer the same and these changes will constantly remind you of your pet. For some, getting a new pet is the best way to get over the grief and for others, the thought of a  new pet is unthinkable. Everyone handles grief differently. Be sure to talk to family or friends who were close to your pet,  sharing your feelings and pleasant memories.

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We used “My Peterinarian” for few days while we were away. It was the first time we left our cat at home. Couldn’t be happier about our experience. Our Simbi loved Tarek and was very well treated. We had daily updates and regular conversations with Tarek. We immediately felt in very good hands. Definitely recommend it, we will use this service again for sure.

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Couldn’t have been happier with the vet services provided by Tarek and Miriam at My Peterinarian. Their communication to coordinate the home visit and registration of my dog on the DK Dog register was top notch. Miriam and Tarek did a full check of my dog, vaccination and nail trim, absolutely recommend their services and will use them again in the future.

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I had a great experience with My Peterinarian! I’m normally quite anxious about leaving my cat when I travel, but he seemed to really like Tarek, and I loved getting the detailed daily reports and photos 🙂 I will definitely use them again.

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Highly recommended. They always take care of princesa when I am traveling and now used their service of home pet consultation and it was very good! I could schedule the visit for the next day and it is the big difference compared to the other places that you normally need to wait for 2 weeks.
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Tarek was super responsive, communicative and most importantly took 100% responsibility for Alistair’s care while we were away!

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