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Parasites & Your Pet

Parasites and your pet | Parasitter og din hund

When it comes to protecting your pets against parasites, prevention is the best cure. As a pet owner, understanding the reasons for using parasite prevention and choosing the right products can be overwhelming. However, devising an appropriate parasite treatment plan is essential to avoid harmful, preventable diseases.   What Are the Most Common Parasites (And […]

New Year’s Resolution- Brush Your Pet’s Teeth!

Brush Your Pet’s Teeth! | hunde tandbørstning

Brush Your Pet’s Teeth! On this first month of 2019, make your pet’s health a priority for the coming year. Brushing your pet’s teeth leads to improved health and happiness. Dental disease is a common condition affecting pets, with more than 75 % of dogs and cats showing signs of periodontal disease by age three. […]

Pets and Fireworks: Ensure a Stress-free New Year’s Eve

New Years Eve | Nytårsaften

New Year’s Eve in Denmark is something not to be missed. It’s a festive, celebratory occasion that only the Danes know how to do best. But, let’s be honest, it is a bit like a war zone outside! During my first New Year’s Eve in Denmark, I saw party-goers with goggles, helmets, and body armour. […]

Overfeeding Your Pets Causes Obesity

Obesity in Pets

Who can resist that cute face? You come home from work and your happy pup or kitty jumps off the sofa and runs over to see you. You immediately go to the cookie canister and get your friend a treat! Here is how that contributes to obesity. Obesity in Pets Obesity is simply excess fat […]

Pet Life: Your Guide to Help Your Pet Live Longer

Build the forever pet life with the help of My Peterinarian

Pet life According to Rodney Habib in his TEDx talk on how to help your pet live longer, you should simply follow the longevity checklist. Watch the video and then read the short article below to see where My Peterinarian comes into your pet’s life. The Pet Life longevity checklist consists of the following five points: […]

Pet sitting in Copenhagen: How will My Peterinarian help you make your pets happier?

How can "My Peterinarian" pet sitting in Copenhagen help you make your pets happier?

Your pets are always there for you. They cheerfully greet you at the door when you arrive home after a hard day at work and keep you company around the house. Truth be told, your pets do a lot for you – and life just wouldn’t be the same without them. Do you take care […]

Why pick pet sitters in Copenhagen over boarding?

Why choose professional pet sitters in Copenhagen over boarding? | hvorfor-vaelge-pet-sittere-i-københavn?

When you decide to head out of town – or find yourself working more hours than normal – you will want to hire professional pet sitters in Copenhagen to take care of your little furry loved ones. See, dogs and cats can bring so much joy and warmth to your life. And, they deserve the […]

Coming Soon on My Peterinarian Blog

The Pet-Agrees Coming Soon

Keep your eyes on My Peterinarian’s blog section for tips, advice and interesting posts for you & your pets.   Are we missing a subject in our My Peterinarian blog about pets that you would love to know about? Please write to us, and we’ll write you back soon. In the meantime – Check out our […]

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